Our client´s trust is important for Reiner, thus to continue work towards receiving the necessary certifications to guarantee a fluid and safe process for all our products.

Reiner Medical has introduced a quality management system that complies with DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 to develop, manufacture and sell semi-finished products, profiles, finished products and thermoplastic material composites. With this proven medical technology quality management system, we provide additional security to our customers. Reiner is always synonymous with guarantee.
Materials for medical applications

You can choose from high-temperature plastics, medical silicone rubber, 3D printed microfluidic and micro-resolution parts, and hundreds of other plastic, metal, and elastomer materials.

Microfluidic. WaterShed (similar to ABS) is a transparent material that can be used to make microfluidic parts and transparent components such as lenses and housings.
High temperature resistant plastic. PEEK and PEI (Ultem) are resistant to high temperatures and creep, and are suitable for applications that require sterilization.
LSR. High temperature resistance and chemical stability, suitable for applications requiring sterilization and flexibility.

The general trend in the medical industry is that more and more elderly patients need mobility and the desire of young patients to enjoy a painless life, are leading to an increase in surgical procedures and new treatment options, which will increase the systems health and medical product manufacturers. Price and cost pressures.